How To Become A Stock Broker?

How To Become A Stock Broker?

In the business and finance field, there are so many career options. If you like to follow the market and its ups and downs and also understand how the nifty and Sensex work then, you can choose the career of a stockbroker. A successful stockbroker has a strategic thinking perspective and strong communication skills as well. So, if you have a knack for handling finance then, this career is the perfect option for you. It is a lucrative and successful career option. But before jumping into this, you need to have a clear idea about this job. You will have to know how to become a stockbroker? You will have to know the educational qualification you should require for this career option.

What is a stockbroker?

You may know the fact that they are the middleman. They sell stocks and buy stocks as well through the market. They earn a commission from this buying and selling. A person needs a stockbroker to simplify the trade on their behalf. Today, many of the trades are handling online. But human broker handles the trades of big institutional organizations. They know the market conditions and they are well-versed as well. They can communicate with the clients very well. They know very well which is the best time for buying and selling. They will get the commission in the form of a percentage.

Steps to become a stockbroker:

Here are some essential steps that you need to follow to become a professional stock dealer.


Complete the bachelor degree:

Most of the candidates need to have a bachelor's degree to pass the entry-level. But there is no specific and particular degree required. But if you have a four-year degree in economics, business and finance then, you will get a preference. So, you need to be equipped in math, quantitative analysis, and statistics as well. To compete with other candidates for the same position, you will have to complete or pursue a Master of Business Administration. Candidates who have an MBA degree, often get a larger bonus and better compensation as well.

Complete the internship:

After completing the degree of bachelor course, you need to do an internship and it is very much essential for your initial knowledge and practical understanding. If you are interested in this career option then, you should know that many brokerage firms hire and appoint interns in the summer seasons. An internship will give you a perfect idea about the real world and you can also find a job after graduation. The internship will give you the advantage to deal with the hurdles of the competitive job market.

Get in the brokerage firm and investment bank:

You will get sponsorship to become a professional stock dealer. You should get the sponsorship of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. You can get this sponsorship by getting hired by a brokerage firm and investment bank. For becoming a professional, you need to have strong knowledge about the market.


Experience is a big thing in this industry. You will have to gather this to become a successful and reliable professional. You should have a deep understanding of the market and its ups and downs.

Is a stockbroker a good career choice?

Yes, it is a good career option. They can be very successful over the time of their whole career. It is a lucrative and shining career option. They can earn a big salary and it will enhance due to the commissions and bonuses.

What skills they will need?

They need various skills such as follows:

  • Communication skill
  • Knowledge about the market
  • Will power
  • Strong decision-making persona
  • Ability to build a relationship with clients
  • Negotiation capability
  • Efficient working power in a stressful environment
  • Mathematic and IT knowledge

 Is this job position to offer a demanding career?

Yes, it is a demanding career option for all. If you are interested then, you should choose this career. The rate of demand is now very high regarding this job opportunity.

There are so many job prospects for a professional stockbroker. Many people and institutions need perfect assistance to buy and sell stocks as they have less understanding of the market.