How To void A Check? -The Easy Way

How To void A Check? -The Easy Way

There are a variety of different reasons that you may need to void a check from setting up payments to setting up direct deposits from your bank account occasionally another party may ask for a void check.

What is a void check?

A voided check has the word VOID either written or printed on it. It's considered a valid source of information to verify the details of a person's bank account information and it presents the bank that holds the account.

Steps to void a check

Voiding a check is easy, however, it is something you need to be careful with as these checks prove to have a level of sensitive information.

To successfully void a check, you have to either print or write the word void across the center of the check. It's important that none of your writing obscures the vital information on the check, especially the numbers printed across the bottom.

These numbers contain the information that the concerned party is looking for. The voided check contains proof of your account number and your bank routing number.

You should also ensure that the ink cannot be removed or erased, note the check using either your filing software or checkbook, and illustrate that they have voided the check keeping photography evidence of this is advisable too.

You can either send a scan of the check or a photo of the check to your bank to aid the process to ensure that the void check will never come back as a problem. You can either void a check that has been previously filled out or a black one remembering the check was voided can never be used again.

What are the primary uses for void checks?

Certain people require you to verify your banking information to complete a transaction. One of the easiest ways to provide a verifiable source of this information is a void check.

When to use a void check?

Setting up an auto-pay or direct deposit

If you're setting up an auto-pay or direct deposit, you may need to provide proof of your banking information for example Human resources departments regularly ask for your account number and routing number too and they know avoiding check is the easiest way to get this information. There's no risk attached to this as all your employer can do with the information is larger paycheck our expenses directly to your account.

Set up a scheduled load repayment

Moneylenders will ask for your banking information before they will allow a loan so they can set up an automated loan repayment scheme that could be for an auto loan mortgage repayment or even student loans. Someone for a better rate when you set up these payment schemes and avoid a check is one of the easiest ways to provide them with the information they need.

Provide government agencies with the information they need

If you're looking to receive benefits, the government will need the information to electronically transfer funds to your bank account there are many benefits to allowing them to do this such as there's no extra charge and you can even have your taxes refunded to you directly to your account as well avoided check with facilitating this process.

Should I sign a voided check?

You're under no obligation to sign a voided check. The best advice is to not sign that at all as it may be safer it's a method of providing better information about your bank account details.

Do banks provide voided checks?

No, banks don't provide specifically voided checks however you can get a standard over-the-counter check from your bank and clearly write void across it in permanent red marker remembering not to cover any of the important numbers

Can checks be voided after sending?

Avoiding a check will involve physically writing the word void on it and to do this you must have it in your possession. You can however stop a check that you have sent an error or one that you want to discontinue payments on.

We hope this article on How to void a check proves useful, if you have questions we would always advise you to contact your bank for further information.